As most everyone knows by now the American Democratic Party finally outwardly admits that they are the newest and strongest advocates of overthrowing the U.S.A.’s Constitution and Government. That is treason, illegal and an overt Act Of War! A federal offence and punishable by death!

If you remember the U.S.S.R., then you are old enough to know what the true meaning of Liberty, Freedom and Patriotism used to mean. We also remember that feeling of Pride in their chest when seeing our flag waving in the breeze. We felt safe even during something called “The Cold War”. Others nations of the world also shared in those same feelings and emotions. They were known as Allies. 5 decades. 50 years. One half a century. That’s how long The Cold War actually lasted, give or take. President Ronald Reagan is credited with winning that war. He used unconventional weapon as the “Final Solution”, with a few other weapons to assist him in Victory. His main weapon was MONEY. That money didn’t buy bullets and bombs. Instead it bought the worst kept secret on Earth- “The Star Wars Initiative”. Remembering that this great President was used to Hollywood and how it worked, and mostly the politics of Hollywood. He simply wrote a fictional script of WW-III being fought in “Near Earth Space” so the entire worlds inhabitants could watch. No T.V. or movie theatre needed. Just look up, Up to the Heavens and watch it live and in living colour. Everyone had a front row seat. The best seat possible, just look to the heavens. A simple nod of your head bought you a ticket. The President of the United States of America beat the number Two ranked powerhouse using soft gloves, light taps- Certainly no punches. He used his wits, cunning & his first claim to fame, “His Acting Ability”. His script was simple- He used Washington D.C.s inability to keep a secret. We were inventing, designing, building and deploying the most formidable Space Technology in our Galaxy. Quite simply- no enemy of the U.S.A. stood no chance at all of even mounting a minor annoyance of resistance to this Epic Novel of Truly Biblical Proportions, and assuredly the total annihilation of any entity that dared to threaten the Peace and Tranquillity of the U.S.A. and by default, allies, friends and some foes. With a good military ready to respond instantly to any threat, politicians of all parties, levels of competency, honesty and personal conviction.

Stood proudly behind this great President who’s almost mystical ability of persuading others that there was no idle threats and sabre rattling. He meant what he said, Said what he meant and actually had the guts, brains and full ability to carry out his soft yet stern words of warning and praise. With that, the Walls came tumbling down and an age of relative peace settled when the initials U.S.S.R. no longer meant atomic annihilation of all mankind. If you were not yet been hatched during that time, then you can’t begin to imagine what us “Baby Boomers” lived to see and be part of that age where all intimately knew what Pride, Honor, Patriotism, “God and Country”— and hardly last or least what Freedom used to mean. U.S.S.R. Those 4 simple letters instilled emotions of all and every kind, though typically not many good ones. Upon the breakup of the U.S.S.Republic- I remember thinking how good things could be for the poor and oppressed people that lived, worked and died behind the infamous “Iron Curtain”.

The infamous U.S.S.R. is gone. Like dust in the wind, the people and nations of the world can only remember, less each day, what life was like then. Depending on who and where you were during those decades- your memories of then great, exciting, bad, gruesome, fun, scary, adventurous or dull perhaps. One thing most had in common was HOPE and knowing your children would have a better life because of the brave scared Patriots, willing or not, fought and won. They won the wars, by braving each battle- one by one. They believed they won a victory so all following generations, their descendants would remember the history and sacrifices made by them to assure our future freedoms, liberties and prosperity they paid for. They paid with the most anyone can pay. Their blood, lives, deaths, pain and suffering as the world had ever known. Then there was but two real powers- The USA and the USSR. No thanks to an American President that left office in disgrace, Nixon who fervently believed that the Peoples Republic of China could be bought off by showing them that prosperity could assure peace. Somehow no one thought about Russia and their former “partners”. Left to wither on the vine. Instead of using the money, assets and power they still had they decided to use it for their depleted war machine. Thus, as the countries of Western Europe started ending their long practice of Colonialism the USSR embraced it out of need and greed. Let’s jump ahead to TODAY. Amid the self induced division of the UNITED States- Americans feel entitled. Entitled to any and everything. Entitled to abuse drugs, abuse authority, abuse laws and the people who enforce them. Why not? Political Correctness, P.C. we live in a world of acronyms not words. General George Patton, likely one of the worlds greatest military tacticians to ever live. Respected by everyone- friend or foe. A true visionary like the Earth shall ever seen one of the greatest men to walk the earth, especially in that era. He was brought down in disgrace at a time when the entire world was fighting the biggest, worst and most costly war ever. The Nazi Superpower stopping at nothing less than world domination and oppression. A battle of Good & Evil, Right & Wrong, East & West- North & South. A time when the greatest goods and the most horrific evils too place, a man of small stature, true genius, determination, in sight, wealth and education. If you could accredit the victory over NAZI GERMANY to a single person then Gen. Patton would be at the top of a very short list. A man who’s honor, fame, power and life- a life of Patriotism, Honor and Devotion was ruined by one single act. Slapping a crying cowardly soldier. Certainly- among other countries militaries of the time that soldier may have been killed, imprisoned or any other punishment derived was instead used as a tool to disgrace a great man and divide a great Nation. POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, P.C.or now just PC. What does that mean again Political Computers….Personal Correctness???? WHATEVER! The tactful use of “PC” and “entitlement” by the Leftist teachings of our spoiled, entitled, self-indulgent, drugged, rude and poorly educated children. They have no idea what work means, good behavior, how to study or take a test. Don’t dare spank one for gross conduct or misdeeds! The Left will assure your incarceration, demand your income and shame you into submission and left to the merciless illegal foreign criminals justice. THE PHOENIX IS RISING FROM THE ASHES. USSR has been reborn. ALL HAIL THE NEW USSR, “UNITED SOCIALIST STATES REPUBLIC”. SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM- Here is a Truism for you. It’s all enslavement of the people of the earth by the self-indulgence of a few tyrannical “gods” promising anything and delivering nothing of good. The premature McCarthyism of Ronald Reagans time is surely needed now. PEOPLE make a Nation. LEADERSHIP makes domination. DOMINATION makes slaves. History repeats itself over and over, simply because the Lefts revisionist history is taught because PC is abuse of power- lies told by liars. The RIGHT is called RIGHT for a reason and Roses are Roses because they ain’t snakes.

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FORMER- Cop, Fireman, EMT, Trampoline Instructor, Gunsmith, Firearms Instructor, Minister, Law Enforcement, Private Investigator, Body Guard, Biker, Race Car Driver, Carpenter, Furniture Maker & Wood Worker, Highly Qualified Industrial Maintenance Technician and Manager, Instrument maker, Adventurer, Scuba Diver, Plane owner and pilot, River Boat Skipper, Writer, Author, Journalist, Welder, Mechanic (I can fix most anything and just about have). Meteorite Hunter, K9 Trainer, Dog and Cat lover. Typically I am unsociable and just plain hardheaded. Though I have taken a few prodigies under my wing. LOTS more than I can't remember for now.

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