WLC – Western Liberty Curriculum

There is a huge problem with education system in the Western world. Children are fed with Marxist, Leftist ideas. The subjects of history, society studies are heavily politicised by the Left. Children are not provided with any context to what is being taught. Marxist dogmas are presented as facts. No critical analysis is allowed. The result is generations of the obedient Left wing voters. That was a desired result for those who established this system of education.

WLC is an alternative curriculum that can be taught to children by parents. Do you, as a parent want your child to grow independent, strong, educated, capable? WLC is not a formal curriculum and developed by various people of various professional backgrounds. There is only one Western Liberty Curriculum – the property of The HuffandPuffPost Magazine. Any WLC lessons produced elsewhere are not authentic.

WLC is not reserved to children alone. Many adults find the system interesting and helpful.

The curriculum consists of a number of lessons. Each lesson is designed in a certain way to assist parents with delivering knowledge to the child. The information in each lesson is not set to be the only correct opinion. The learners (adults and children alike) are encouraged to challenge every bit of the information presented.

The lessons are designed to reach the following objectives:

  • Learn a historical event or social issue.
  • Learn how to research the facts independently.
  • Learn how to assess the credibility of information found in research.
  • Widen the vocabulary.
  • Learn critical analysis skills.
  • Find the relevant context to the fact presented.
  • Debate the topic.

Lesson plan:

  • The Issue / Problem/ Event.
  • The need to learn about this issue / problem / event.
  • Relevant evidence / context.
  • Application of the context / evidence. Critical analysis.
  • Debate.
  • Conclusion.

WLC. Lesson 1. Freedom of speech. Why freedom of speech is important? What is ‘freedom of speech’?

WLC. Lesson 2. Freedom of Speech. ‘Hate speech’. coming soon

WLC. Lesson 3. Freedom of Speech. Defending freedom of speech. coming soon

WLC. Lesson 4. Racism.  Coming soon

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